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Development prospects of power tools
Electric tool industry. Strengthen the advanced manufacturing services in. Electric tools are widely used in aerospace, belonging to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry. High iron construction, shipbuilding, automobile and other advanced equipment manufacturing industry and road construction, decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other production areas.
The global power industry. The field of application, according to the requirements of product technology. Can be divided into technical level, professional level and the family of three level. Among them, industrial power tools products, mainly used for precision machining or environmental protection work demanding work places, such as aerospace, requires higher technology, higher profits, the characteristics of the small size of the market; DIY household level electric tools are mainly used for precision requirements occasions is not high, continuous running time is not long, such as family decoration, simple decoration, with low content of technology, the features of low profit. The production of electric tools enterprises in the production of household level electric tool products in China's biggest selling price of products as the main means of competition, all in a low state of disorderly competition.
Professional power tools in the technical content. The value of the product or product gross margin level, scope of application. Far above the self-made products. Professional electric tool itself power, high speed, long service life of the motor, can continue long repetitive work, high technology content, high profit, market a wide range of industry threshold is high, the characteristics of higher brand value.
China electric tool market year for BOSCH of germany. The trend in recent years, Hitachi and other foreign brands giant firmly grasp. Luo Baihui pointed out that. Foreign brands in the domestic market share declined channel.
The domestic electric tools industry in general. The formation of product series of professional grade products factory is extremely rare in the industry concentration degree is low, the production of do it yourself home an electric tool products accounted for the vast majority of enterprises. The lack of leading enterprises. From the development trend, domestic brand experience of the industry reshuffle, finally formed a number of leading enterprises and norms, and orderly; between domestic and foreign brands, will also be re allocation of market share, domestic brands of foreign brands continue to replace the internal integration of the industry needs, will give business leaders celebrated the.
Improve the product structure. Electric tool market situation is very good, comprehensive service ability. But the problem is that the domestic electric tools structure not perfect domestic sales market, electric tools, the most traditional high speed electric tools and the general level of the hard alloy tool standard.


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